Monday, August 31, 2015

Eco bundles and how you could use the eco dyed fabric

Some of you asked in my last post which were my projects with all those small and bigger pieces of eco dyed fabric.
Here are some examples.

A cushion cover.

a bag for the christmas market

the back

another bag

the back

I even used the fabric with no good prints and i am very glad with the results!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

More eco bundles

In my last eco dyeing post i told you that there were already new bundles in the jars.
They stayed two weeks in the jars for some solar dyeing; Weather was hot and sunny, a real heat-wave.
After those two weeks the bundles were steamed for two hours, in the dyepot war rain water with some rust water. When i lo oked at the bundles after half an hour,  i got a fright! All the bundles turned black! So i threw away the rustwater and changed it for only rain water.
I opened the bundles after one week...... yes ,I know 'time is your friend', but i could not wait longer.
Eco dyeing is so magic and i am so happy with the results!

These are laurel leaves from my garden. The fabric is silk/wool blend , mordant with Crème de tartre and alum.The bundle was wrapped round a copper pipe and before steaming,  two weeks in a jar with some logwood.

Leaves from the Rhus tree; the ordinary one that everybody in Holland and in France has in her garden.
The fabric is a silk, wool blend. The bundle was wrapped round some wood and for two weeks in dried hibiscus flower dye jar.

Eucalyptus perriniana leaves , my friend Natacha has not only 350 fruit trees , but also some eucalyptus trees. The bundle was wrapped around wood and for two weeks in a jar with some, already used, rhubarb roots.

These leaves i found in a village nearby , i don't know the name of the tree. The bundle was wrapped around a piece of rust and for two weeks in a jar with dried hibiscus flowers. 

In the same village i found these leaves, wrapped around wood and in a jar with some lac.

The same eucalyptus leaves , wrapped around wood and the for two weeks in a used madder jar.

And of course there also were bundles with almost no print or only some colored spots. With eco dyeing you need to do lots of experiments. and you shall be disappointed several times; 
But eco dyeing is MAGIC and I am already addicted.......

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

Eco bundles and solar dyeing

When i told you about the solar dyeing in my last post, I did not talk about the bundles i made for the jars. In India Flints book she shows lots of beautiful samplers of eco bundles.

Some  leaves, i folded the fabric after placing the leaves, the print is a bit orange. 

In eco dyeing plants are enclosed in textile or paper , bundled by winding over branches , copper pipes, rusty nails, and then steamed or immersed in hot water, sometimes with plants, to extract the pigments and produce a print made with plant dyes.
You can use leaves,stems, flowers and seeds.
Lay the wet fabric on a flat surface and lay some flowers or leaves or whatever you want on the fabric. Roll the fabric around the branch to make a bundle.
I have put the bundles about two weeks in the jars, some jars were filled with dyeplants from my garden.
Then steam the bundles for two hours and then WAIT.
Eco dyers say: time is your friend. The longer you wait before opening the bundles, the deeper the color well be. But how difficult is that. I could only wait one week....

The bundles have been steamed.....


Eucalyptus leaves, the color is much more orange than on the picture.

oak leaf

eucalyptus leaves

onion skins

And of course there were some disappointed results. There are already new bundles in the jars. 
So the waiting begins...... 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

It's so hot here and some solar dyeing

Already six weeks ago that i wrote a post on my blog! But weather is so hot here, sometimes too hot to do anything.
Last thursday we were inside for the whole day, too hot to be outside. French houses have thick walls and when you close the shutters, temperature inside is cool.

I also have some problems with my google account, I lost my cookies , so i have to sign in and sign in again and so on. That is the reason that i did not comment on your blogs! But i did read them, be sure of that! I will try to comment as an anonymous to let you know that i am still there.

But weather is perfect for some solar dyeing.
I bought India Flint's book about eco dyeing. A great book and so inspiring.
It is very simple: you fill a jar with some dyeing plants like tagetes,  onion skins or apple tree leaves.
You put some fabric that you mordanted with alum and water . Then let the sun do her work........

Inside this jar are flowers from hollyhocks, the dark, black ones.

Water with some vineyard. To modifie the color you can add also some nails or some copper coins.

onion skins

salvia leaves

Next time the results........

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Back from Felletin and my garden

I came home friday evening after my five-day workshop. It was very inspiring and i learned lots of new things.
Some photos are coming this week.
First i want to show you my garden in full bloom......

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Indigo and Shibori scarfs and I am off to Felletin

I dyed some scarfs with indigo, they were all wrapped around polyester tubes in different width and in different ways.

The last one is a woolen scarf which i dyed first in a camomile bath, then wrapped  around the tube and dyed the scarf in an indigo bath at last i dyed the scarf in a madder bath, this is the result.
This scarf will not be for sale, i will keep it myself!

Tomorrow i will go to Felletin  to do a 5 day workshop. Felletin is a small town in the department the Creuse, about 80 km from here.
The workshop is about dyeing and printing fabric. Here can you find the workshop information.
The teacher  is Mireille Vallet, i give you some links about here work here and here