Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Postcrossing Quilt, 3 new scrappy logcabin blocks

Do you remember that i talked about  Postcrossing? I received more pieces of fabric to work with and  I made 3 new blocks with fabric from all over the world.

this one has fabric from Indonesie, India, Norway , France and Holland.

Fabric from India , pakistan, France and Holland; The three pieces of jewelry are from India.

Fabric from Norway (the center ), Holland, Ukraine, Finland and Holland.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A present

It is very quiet over here, i don't have the blog-mojo at the moment. But there are lots of things i did not show you so I will try to blog once a week this summer with lots of pictures.....

Do you remember that I met her  in Paris some weeks ago? She had a present for me.
 It's made with vintage indigo kimono and futon fabric. She made lots of quilts with this kind of fabric.
Last week Quiltmania was at her house to make lots of photos for the magazine in september or oktober.

It's a small pouch that you can  put in your suitcase with your earrings or something like that...

You can also use it as a wrap for a small present , like the Japanese do....... and like she did.

Inside was this beautiful bracelet pincushion!
Thank you my friend.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Four dead swallows and some baby hedgehogs

Life in the countryside is not always as peaceful as you want...... We had a swallow nest in the barn.
Suddenly we realized that they did not make noise anymore.  When we looked inside the nest we found out that hey were all four dead, two of them did not have a head anymore........
 This could not be the cat, impossible.   We think maybe it was a rat or a marten.   The parents were already gone. This did not happened before......we hope they will come back next spring!
When i made this picture they were still alive.....

I showed you the large hedgehog that i saw near the house. Some days later we found at least three baby hedgehogs. In the beginning they only were active in the evening , Rosa our black labrador is very curious. 

These last days you can see them walking the whole day, did you know that they walk rather quick? 
Yesterday one came on the terrace while we were drinking our glass of wine.  He /she walked around the terrace and then went away.IT was wonderful !

Some more rose pictures, they are so beautiful.

And did not I craft these last weeks? Yes i did but i did not take pictures yet. We had visitors, lots of appointments and the gardenwork.........
Be sure that i will come back with some crafting.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

More garden pictures

I am so busy working in my garden , there is not much time to craft. After the market I always am tired , then I got the flu and i was in Paris for one day to meet her.

I am re arranging  my garden, last year the garden has been abandoned a bit by me . So this year i cut a lot of plants and make more path.  I lay cardboard on the new path with black plastic  on it. For the moment it's quite ugly but after a year or so the the soil will be clean . It's quite a job that I started but I hope that this year i will have a well kept garden, with a lot of black plastic but clean.....

I still have my fathers flowers.....

Friday, May 23, 2014

Some garden pictures

We had our market last sunday , a friend made a lot of pictures but i do not succeed in having them on my laptop. There is something with the USB stick, maybe it is only because i am really a zero with computers.......
We had a mini tornado wednesday evening! Fortunately we had no serious damage, some things are gone by the wind, that's all . Our neighbour had a big, big branch of the walnut tree fallen down. In villages nearby there were roofs seriously damaged and trees fallen down. We were lucky!!

The other morning i saw this hedgehog in the middle of the courtyard, maybe he lost his shelter...

The roses start blooming, this Bouquet parfait.

Buff Beauty


Monday, May 12, 2014

Birds and birds

This birds kit was a wonderful present from oversea. Thank you my dear friend. In the kit was only red and white embroidery thread and of course I wanted more color..... And I also changed the embroidery design.
Here they are, i only need to attach them on twined cord.

Arent' they cute?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Do you like Italien food?

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